30,000 burpees!

January 9, 2014 by Joshua
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30,000 burpees!

That’s a lot of burpees.

I will hit that milestone tomorrow morning, or thereabouts, assuming forty burpees per day starting December 21, 2011. The first few months I ramped up from ten per day so I might have done fewer, but I’ve also done a bunch of extras to make up for eating or drinking too much unhealthy food or drink.

I’ve influenced a few people to do more burpees themselves. The ones it affected most got it most. They remarked that the value comes not from a burpee here or there, or even dozens of them here or there, but the disciplined practice of daily burpees.

I find the greatest value comes not from doing over a hundred burpees in a short time but from doing one set when completely exhausted. Then you find your greatest strength. The skill to do something hard you want to do when you feel discouraged — discipline — improves your life as much as anything. Then you can motivate yourself to do more.

Anyway, I’m including this post in my burpees series, so click there and get the value of my series on burpees, which will be greater than just this post.

Do your burpees. Or whatever your challenging daily habit is.

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