59 new videos of my art, from my solo gallery show

February 27, 2018 by Joshua
in Art

Longtime friends and close readers of my bio know that before focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship, and the environment, I created art, including

  • Big public pieces in Manhattan on display for years
  • Solo gallery shows nationwide
  • Museum pieces
  • Teaching courses at top schools for art and design
  • Awards
  • Coverage in major media
  • Working with celebrities
  • VIP treatment at New York’s top clubs

and more. Here’s my art resume.

That list tempts me to say they were good times, but it took a lot of work—as much emotional as physical—as well as time, money, and relationships.

Still, I loved the results. Besides the material things I listed above, I learned a lot about beauty, truth, vulnerability, the art world, fame, resilience, judgment, criticism, and other aspects of art and self-expression.

I created all my work in my unique medium, based on my invention at the root of my first company. Since it was impossible to convey by photograph and not much better in video, it was hard to publicize or record.

Still, at one of my gallery shows, a friend and intern helped me record several images as best we could.

Please don’t get caught up in the quality of the vignettes below. We were doing the best we could with a medium no one has found a way to record effectively. If you haven’t seen my medium, the vignettes may confuse you as much as reveal. For people who have seen it, I hope they recall what you saw.

Anyone curious to see my art in person, contact me. I love showing it.

Elements series

Lincoln Center series

Dancers Series


MTV Series

Delicia series

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon series

Jessica series


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