A curious, annoying observation on asking advice for a TEDx talk

April 5, 2019 by Joshua
in Education, Events

Preparing for tomorrow’s TEDxNYU talk led me to a curious observation.

Everyone I asked for advice gave useful advice, but no two people’s advice was completely consistent with anyone else’s. That is, every person’s advice conflicted with everyone else’s in some way.

I finished each advice session with each person thinking, “I got some useful advice. I’m going to use it.”

Then each next session began with me thinking, “darn, this advice contradicts what the last person said.”

All of the above wouldn’t annoy me. I’m giving the talk so I take responsibility for what I include. “Good artists borrow. Great artists steal,” so I feel free to use what I want.

The annoyance came when I told anyone, “I appreciate the advice. I’ll use some, but some I can’t because it conflicts with other advice I plan to use.” Many people understood, but some kept insisting I use all their advice. They didn’t differentiate between what they their opinion of best and absolute reality of best.

Not a big deal, but an interesting occurrence.

Sorry, not a great post, but I’m rehearsing and relaxing, though today was an erg and cold shower day.

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