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See Me for Earth Day at Union Square, Manhattan tomorrow (April 16, 2023)

on April 15, 2023 in Events, Nature

I’ll help man the table for The Carbon Almanac in Union Square, Manhattan tomorrow. Podcast guest Seth Godin started The Carbon Almanac and I’ve participated in the community, including appearing on its podcast. I plan to bring my solar kit for anyone interested in seeing how I make it work. I’ll help set up before noon, then have to step away to run my sustainability leadership mastermind group for a[…] Keep reading →

First report: Yesterday’s Bronx Workshop on Living Off the Grid in New York City

on October 9, 2022 in Events, Nature

Yesterday morning I packed up a lot of stuff: my pressure cooker, solar panels, battery, and enough food for a bunch of people, and took the subway to the Bronx to give a workshop. Maybe fifty pounds total, but worth it. Drew Garden, in particular, one of my favorite spots in New York City, partly for its beauty, partly for the people who make it happen. Often when I talk[…] Keep reading →

Join guest J.B. MacKinnon and the Sierra Club for a webinar, April 13: Climate Change and the Military/Industrial/Consumerist Complex

on March 21, 2022 in Education, Events

Climate Change and the Military/Industrial/Consumerist Complex I received this invitation from a friend who helps lead the local Sierra Club chapter who didn’t know J. B. was a guest on This Sustainable Life and that I loved his work. I registered and hope to see you there. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the video essays I did about his book The Once and Future World. I[…] Keep reading →

Your new plans for October 22: Join the screening and panel of experts I’m hosting on The Story of Plastic.

on October 13, 2020 in Events, Nature

Join This Sustainable Life for a free online screening (at your convenience starting October 19) and panel discussion of The Story of Plastic Thursday, October 22, at 7pm ET. (Note: the Leadership and the Environment team is about to rebrand as This Sustainable Life. This event debuts the new logo and name!) Join This Sustainable Life for a free online screening (at your convenience starting October 19) and panel discussion[…] Keep reading →

Attend my online workshop: Make my famous no-packaging vegetable stew. Free, October 1 online

on September 15, 2020 in Education, Events, Fitness, Nature

You’ve heard of my famous no-packaging vegetable stews and that I take over a year to fill a load of trash. Read the reviews. Now see how to do it online! Plant Powered Metro New York is hosting this free online event. October 1, 2020, 6pm-7pm Eastern Click here to register. I’ve cooked for over fifty people with nothing to throw away or recycle after. I led a cooking demonstration[…] Keep reading →

Superman and picking up garbage

on July 30, 2020 in Art, Creativity, Events, Evolutionary Psychology

As you probably know, I pick up at least a piece of litter every day from the ground and put it in a trash can. I’m not reducing the amount of trash, but at least saving some from reaching the ocean. More importantly, I’m developing skills, experiences, and beliefs about changing culture around trash. Since restaurants and bars started serving outdoors on mostly single-use plastic, the amount of litter has[…] Keep reading →

Join my webinar THIS FRIDAY: Creating meaning, purpose, and structure under lock down (and the rest of your life)

on April 28, 2020 in Events, Fitness, Freedom, Habits, SIDCHAs

Reading in one of my online groups about people struggling to keep habits without external structure—something I think I can safely claim expertise in—I offered to share what I’ve found works in 150,000 burpees, etc. I made an interactive webinar out of my experience—my most comprehensive, useful compilation of a decade of experience creating structure, discipline, and mental freedom. Most relevant now, I did it at no cost, not needing[…] Keep reading →

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