First report: Yesterday’s Bronx Workshop on Living Off the Grid in New York City

October 9, 2022 by Joshua
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Yesterday morning I packed up a lot of stuff: my pressure cooker, solar panels, battery, and enough food for a bunch of people, and took the subway to the Bronx to give a workshop. Maybe fifty pounds total, but worth it.

Drew Garden, in particular, one of my favorite spots in New York City, partly for its beauty, partly for the people who make it happen. Often when I talk about sustainability, people not from the Bronx try to lecture me about how people in the Bronx can’t do what they’re doing.

Good thing no one told them!

Instead of helplessly accepting the status quo, they cleaned a forlorn dump and turned it into an emerald gem, growing all manner of fruit, vegetables, herbs, chickens, honey, and more. Plus they have kayaking and canoeing on the Bronx River.

My main goals:

  1. More farmers markets, CSAs, and coops: to help create demand for permanent farmers markets to displace doof vendors
  2. People saying about reducing pollution levels 90 percent in 2.5 years: “You can do that? . . . I want to try!”

Here are some pictures, video to come on a later post:

The spread, just after cooking. No packaging to throw away. They have an apiary, so the honey in the upper right that they provided might not meet some vegan definitions. The bowl in the bottom is one person’s stew with toppings. Looks good to me.
The workshop in action. Describing what I do, I hope so they can too. Plus for me to learn what they do.
Describing the solar panels, though I mainly stressed polluting less through a mindset shift followed by continual improvement. Solar still pollutes so it’s only a step.

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