Discarded Electric Vehicles

July 26, 2022 by Joshua
in Visualization

If you make a polluting system more efficient, you pollute more efficiently. People don’t get that making one element of a system more efficient may lower pollution locally while increasing it overall. We like to think of prices dropping making technology more available, democratizing it, but by its fruit do you know a tree and the fruit of our culture is poisonous garbage. Technology augments our culture.

I’ve written before how I expect that as electric vehicle technology becomes cheaper, unless we change our values, it will create more pollution, not less. First I wrote Prediction: cars will become disposable; then the news conspired to bring an article corroborating my prediction in More disposable cars: Ignoring unintended side-effects.

I see more electric vehicles treated as disposable all the time. I’m going to collect pictures of them in this post.

Here was the first, an electric scooter I saw broken and left in the gutter on Sixth Avenue about a month ago:

The second, an electric scooter left by Washington Square Park a couple days ago, maybe July 24th 2022:

Another abandoned scooter, this time a bigger one I saw yesterday, July 25:

Any bets on how many I’ll find to take pictures of by the end of 2022?

July 28: Not a discarded scooter, but since it was a few feet from the first scooter, I’m sharing a picture of a syringe, another technology that was supposed to help us but, like all technology, augments our values. If we want to change our world, we have to change our values, including taking responsibility and not saying it’s someone else’s problem.

September 7: I couldn’t tell if this Citibike was electric but someone trashed it.

November 5: here’s one I saw trashed outside a park while riding my bike in the Bronx (from the wonderful Drew Gardens, where I attended a workshop led by native Americans on their culture and the first Thanksgiving). What a lovely lesson for the children playing in the park, sadly devoid of grass or plants, yet full of iron bars and fences like a prison.

My bike is at least ten years old, maybe twenty. This electric vehicle looked like it lasted one or two years.

November 11: In Soho:

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