A pile of ten syringes outside a luxury building by Washington Square Park. Where is Mayor De Blasio?

July 24, 2021 by Joshua
in Nonjudgment

I’ve posted about finding used syringes in Washington Square Park and Penn Station. Besides the syringes, I described my unexpected wincing at seeing someone inject in broad daylight.

Today I sat in the park working on my computer in the area where people use openly. One woman sat on the bench I did, over six feet away, just on the other side of the metal arm rest, got out a crack pipe and smoked it. It’s an open air drug den with no serious attempt to hide. People walked in, would ask to buy dope, bought it, and used it. They complained about losing bags or whatever.

A couple police officers came by and spoke for a few minutes to one guy. I don’t know how much two cops can do, so I conclude their policing strategy is set above. I’m coming to see the whole park issue as a leadership issue, deteriorating because no one is taking responsibility. Mayor De Blasio is doing nothing, as best I can tell, though a voice and listening from the Mayor would help.

Anyway, besides seeing someone smoking crack closer than I’d seen, on my way out of the park I was looking at the ground for litter to pick up. In the flower/tree block in front of what I think is a luxury building, I saw ten syringes. I’m used to seeing one to three, but never that much.

I only had my crappy phone camera, which has hazy pictures, but you don’t need great fidelity to see ten syringes. Here are three pictures, the third to give context of the area that would be beautiful, except that syringes littering the area tend to detract from its beauty.

Ten used syringes

Ten syringes plus related paraphernalia:

The context

Taking a step back to see the area more.

More context:

Sorry again for the hazy picture quality. That’s my phone’s camera. I think it has moisture in it. Anyway, you can see the park behind the One Way sign.. The building probably has lovely park views. Sadly, it also has syringe views.

A Leadership Issue

While selling heroin or whatever they’re using the syringes for is illegal, seeing these syringes as a police issue misses the forest for the trees. At this level, I see it as a city-wide issue. There are national components, but the biggest abdication of responsibility I see is at the mayoral level. I see no action or even recognition of the issue from Mayor De Blasio.

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