Used syringes littering my neighborhood

October 1, 2020 by Joshua
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I’ve written how I pick up litter every day in the northwest corner of Washington Square Park on top of the other litter I pick up daily. For the twenty-one years I’ve lived here, walking through that corner after dusk means someone approaching saying, “smoke smoke, weed, smoke smoke.”

Since the pandemic that corner has evolved to harder drugs. I saw a guy smoking something other than cannabis a couple months ago. A couple weeks ago I saw the first syringe, discarded onto the middle of a park bench. Any kid could have walked by.

I didn’t think to take a picture of that syringe, but I saw another yesterday. My phone camera may be the worst one around, but I had it so took a picture of this one. It lay off the path in the dirt. I found it while picking up other trash.

I don’t know what people use syringes for. I suppose possibly prescription medicine but doubt it. I guess heroine. Maybe speed or fentanyl. I don’t know, but I see people conked out on the benches there day and night, litter strewn all over. They’re on something strong.

Do people use hard drugs and leave its paraphernalia in the park where you live? If so, how do you feel about it?

As the pandemic continues, will more residents live away, leading to empty storefronts and fewer people with an interest in the neighborhoods’ stability and community? Or will more move back and restore our community?

EDIT: I took better pictures of a syringe I found in the park. It says “insulin,” which made me wonder if someone there was diabetic. Then it occurred to me they don’t likely make syringes that say “heroin” or “meth.”

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