A response to “more people means more problem-solvers so we should grow the population.”

May 5, 2023 by Joshua
in Nature

I’ve heard a lot of people promote population growth by saying that more people means more people to solve problems so we should keep growing the population.

There’s no end to that logic. That is, no matter how many people are alive, that logic suggests more people is better. They respond to problems of running out of space, energy, and other things that seem constrained in various ways, but I find that people get lost in their thoughts by the Earth being so large relative to their personal experience.

If more people improved the situation on Earth, then shouldn’t they improve the situation in parts of Earth? That is, if you believe more people will solve all problems, why not make infinite amounts of money by renting your home to an infinite number of people?

If you can always fit more people in a finite space, you should be able to fit as many as you want in your home. You not only won’t feel crowded, some of them will help solve what other problems you have. The more roommates the better. Why don’t people who believe more people solve more problems host thousands of people to live in their homes?

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