My sidchas, standard operating procedures, and preferences

May 6, 2023 by Joshua
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I meant just to list all my sidchas in my post Freedom exists in structure; it’s not chaos, randomness, or luck. Here’s my structure and freedom, but I made a mistake. I included standard operating procedures with sidchas.

I didn’t think of the distinction. One is habits. The other is the best way to do something. I’ve written about sidchas. What about operating procedures? If there’s a better way and worse way, why do the worse way? Choosing a best way saves mental effort on top of the benefits of doing something better. Doing it consistently allows for continual improvement and increasing self-awareness.

For example, living on the fifth floor, I could take the elevator or stairs. I decided once and for all to take the stairs. The result: mental freedom in the moment every day I’m at home and the benefits of extra exercise.

Without further ado, my sidchas, standard operating procedures, and preferences, kept separate.



  • 1 minute: wake up, make bed, cross room, turn off alarm
  • Morning 20-minute burpee-based calisthenics, synchronized with 6-day exercise/mindfulness cycle


  • Evening 20-minute burpee-based calisthenics, synchronized with 6-day exercise/mindfulness cycle
  • Clean countertop of all books, work, etc before sleep

Writing and Podcasting

6-Day Exercise/Mindfulness Cycle

  • Days 1, 3, 5: meditate for 45 minutes
  • Days 2, 4, 6: meditate for 15 minutes
  • Day 2: Turkish Get-up, Kettlebell swings, Farmer’s walk
  • Davy 4: Mop floor
  • Day 4: 3 cycles: Kettlebell single-leg deadlifts, Single Arm Kettlebell Floor Press, Single-arm bent-over rows, Split-Squat, Arnold Press, Curl
  • Day 6: Cardio, at least 300 calories rowing or meaningful effort plogging, biking, walking, or climbing stairs
  • Day 6: Cold shower


Standard Operating Procedures


  • 1 hour: before connecting to internet
  • Monday and Thursday: shave
  • Start shower in stream, not after it warms up
  • Turn off shower when done washing, usually a couple minutes


  • Put phone on airplane mode before sleep


  • Salvage when clean from farmers market scraps, compost, volunteering, found
  • Avoid waste
  • Compost scraps


  • Minimize apps on phone
  • Remove pictures and other files after use
  • Unsubscribe from most mailing lists
  • Block ads and javascript as much as possible


  • Line dry clothes
  • Don’t fly
  • Call or email to avoid unsolicited mail


  • Put wallet and keys where they belong on entering
  • By odd-even days:
    • Half-lotus upper leg left-right
    • Put on clothes left-right leg-arm
  • 31st or 29th day of month odd-even day by odd-even month




  • Avoid proprietary software, especially Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon
  • Avoid buying equipment
  • Avoid sites that update faster than daily
  • Set videos at minimum resolution, prefer to download and watch outside browser


  • Avoid elevator at home
  • Favor public transit over cars
  • Avoid buying clothes, favor used
  • Minimize shower water flow
  • Avoid buying or owning books, favor library

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