Simple Pleasures

June 19, 2024 by Joshua
in Awareness, Tips

I keep thinking of little things that bring me joy and want to collect them in a post. I never start the post because I can only think of a few every time I post. I’m going to start the post with only a few and add to it.

  • Finding a spot on my apartment floor, counter, etc I haven’t cleaned, then cleaning it for the first time. It tends to be corners
  • Chopping with a freshly sharpened knife
  • Eating fruit just picked from a tree

Sorry if you’re reading this when I just posted and have only three items, but I hope you enjoy cleaning your floors as much as I do. If you think of simple pleasures that belong on the list, let me know.

Mopping the floor by hand and sponge, on my hands and knees, is part of My sidchas, standard operating procedures, and preferences. There’s a reason why so often if there’s a monk in a movie, they’re going to show him or her mopping the floor at some point, mindfully.

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