Where to buy the best food around New York City

July 21, 2019 by Joshua
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Anyone who eats food I cook hears me unable to contain how much I love it. I probably eat to more satisfaction than anyone I know. I feel full, even stuffed, after every meal, yet I eat fewer calories.

My food tastes sweeter than ever, yet I eat less sugar.

I pay less than ever for my food.

The source? My three CSAs and my food coop. They are the most amazing sources of food in Manhattan. I recommend them all. If you want the story why I belong to three, ask. In the meantime, I’m going to share them so anyone looking for CSAs anywhere near New York City will know to join them.

My first CSA: Stoneledge Farm

My first CSA comes from Stoneledge Farm, which delivers all around the region (here’s the map). The highlight of my summer is visiting the farm during its annual family visit and pot luck.

Their vegetables are among the best I’ve tasted. They tell me it’s because geologically the farm was once under a lake that laid down fertile sediment.

The family of farmers is friendly. They’ve operated as a CSA for over 20 years. Everyone involved with it is friendly. I volunteer to work with them.

My second CSA: Norwich Meadows Farm

I joined Norwich Meadows Farm‘s CSA (specifically the Washington Square delivery) for winter and spring vegetables, since Stoneledge only does summer and fall.

They also deliver all over, as listed here.

In the winter, when green vegetables are hard to come by, they bring light and joy. I don’t know any other way to put it. They bring spring greens before the farmers market has them.

My third CSA: Local Roots

Local Roots has the most options. It took longer to figure out their site, but take the time. I ordered their zero food waste option to get “ugly” vegetables stores don’t select. Frankly, I couldn’t tell any difference.

Since I ordered from them in the winter, I was delighted to find they sourced from a hydroponic and indoor farms, meaning fresh greens in the middle of winter not shipped across the country.

I’ve also met founder Wen-Jay, who is delightful and a passionate entrepreneur who builds community with food based events.

Bulk Foods: 4th Street Food Coop

Bulk foods for dried beans, grains, nuts, spices, tamari sauce, and so on is the last piece of the puzzle.

4th Street Food Coop provides all I need. I joined as a non-working member, but plan to work because everyone there is so friendly. Their spices are delicious and cheap. I bring my own bags and load up a few times a month on beans, grains, etc.

4th Street also sells fresh fruit and vegetables, so sometimes I buy them there, but I’m usually full from the CSAs.

4th Street Coop makes shopping at corporate supermarkets feel corporate and sterile. Is that what you want to associate with your food?

I like friendly and community-based.


If you want to save money, eat delicious, support your community, and eat more and if you want to look like I do after eating all you can every meal of every day, I recommend any and all of where I get my food.

If you don’t live near New York City, I recommend finding your local CSAs and coops.

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