How Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s look when you avoid packaging

January 22, 2020 by Joshua
in Nature, Visualization

When you avoid packaged food long enough, all the garbage and missing flavor becomes the food and doof‘s main identity.

There’s more packaging, advertising, and other non-food stuff that will fester in landfills for centuries or at best cost money and resources to decompose.

These pictures are what Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s look like when you avoid packaged food.

In fact, these stores contribute to places like in these pictures. Some of the trash in the pictures may have passed through the stores. If you buy packaged food, you may have contributed a bottle or bag pictured.

I point this out not to evoke emotions but to suggest alternatives—for example CSAs and farmers markets, which can save money and time and increase accessibility, especially for those with the least resources.

Not to single out Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s as more polluting. McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, and plenty others probably have higher ratios of packaging to food and more doof overall.

Farmers markets

Meanwhile, here are pictures of farmers markets:

Whole Foods pictures

Here are some actual Whole Foods pictures. You tell me if you see more landfill or food.

Trader Joe’s pictures

Trader Joe’s has yet more packaging per item of food or doof.

To think humans lived for hundreds of thousands of years without plastic, living as long as we do today, with less disease.

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