A student interviewed me!

May 23, 2016 by Joshua
in Education, Leadership, Models

My in-person leadership course, being project-based, has a project. One of my students last semester for his project created a web page—partly to express himself, partly to meet and interview people he wanted to create connections with, partly to share with the world his passion for marketing. Here he is:

joe yaqian zhang

His name is Joe Yaqian Zhang. His blog is here. He shares his perspective on marketing things and interviews relevant people. Here is his post on interviewing me, “Tips from the Pros: Joshua Spodek.”

I hope he doesn’t mind my sharing the video here. It’s not yet professionally edited, but I agree that you start with what you have and get great by persisting and continually improving. After I give some background about myself, we cover some important concepts.

  • Experiential learning (1:45)
  • Passion (2:15)
  • Motivating yourself to achieve and responsibility (4:00)
  • Why I am full of passion for teaching my courses (5:40)
  • Why someone giving you the answers less valuable than working to get the answers yourself (6:00)

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