A workshop graduate and leader living sustainability leadership, biking in the snow and rain

February 29, 2024 by Joshua
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Can we top Jethro Jones? Almost five years ago, on his appearance on the podcast, he committed to riding his bike to work every day for a season.

What’s so remarkable about that? He teaches in Fairbanks, Alaska and riding in the winter meant minus 40 degrees (where F equals C). If you haven’t listened to his episode, check it out.

Evelyn biking in the snow

The other day, Evelyn, who led the last workshop (and is assembling the next one, so check out the description and testimonials and contact me to join what will be one of your life’s great experiences), sent me this video of her running errands on her bike in the snow.

She never rode her bike in the snow before! Now look at her smile. She’s not riding because she has to or out of obligation to “the environment,” though she’s doing more than most. She’s riding because she gets to. She enjoys it so much that whatever you might fear about riding in the snow, her joy is that much greater. That joy overcomes that feeling and what joy she’d get from staying warm some place else.

If you see only individual action, all the more reason to take the workshop. The point is the smile reveals she’s acting on intrinsic motivation. She knows how to find it in herself and in others, to inspire herself and others.

That’s liberation. That’s freedom, in particular, in an area most people freak out about.

You’ll see she’s towing a trailer. I haven’t asked her, but I think she’s taking her youngest son to school in it.

EDIT (March 30, 2024): Evelyn Biking in the Rain

Evelyn sent another video, this time of her biking in the rain:

Here’s the road:

Here’s her, smiling:

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