An empty sidcha I’m considering

March 26, 2021 by Joshua
in Exercises, SIDCHAs

Once I was getting ready to leave my apartment and trying to remember what to bring. My friend said “phone-wallet-keys” like a single word and since then I’ve thought of them as the basic what to carry.

I go for a walk every day, at least to pick up my daily pieces of litter, which also brings me to the park. I also sing with all my electronics turned off every day. I usually do it in the park, but sometimes walking down the street.

Lately, beyond turning all the electronics off, I’ve been leaving the phone at home. Yet more lately, I’ve been leaving the wallet home too. I can leave my key with the doorman.

The new empty sidcha I’m considering

The new sidcha I’m considering is to leave home regularly with nothing in my pockets. It feels odd. What if someone calls? What if I want to know the time? What if I want to buy something?

Then I go out and feel more free.

I also feel the tug to check the time, check my email, text someone, etc, feeling like a trained dog. I hope to wean myself from the addictive feelings.

It’s a small challenge, but doesn’t cost anything. As long as I’m going out I can usually incorporate it into my schedule. Though the ‘d’ in sidcha stands for daily, what I find important is to do it regularly, so I can’t decline to do it, like cold showers, which I do every fifth day without skipping.

I’ll try it more and more and see where it goes. If you try going out regularly with pockets and hands empty, I’d love to hear how it goes.

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