Another morning walk seeing litter in my neighborhood.

September 24, 2021 by Joshua
in Nature, Visualization

I took another early morning walk last weekend to take pictures of our world. New York City seems intent on pushing more outdoor restaurants. They aren’t the only cause of this situation, but they augment it.

I’m sad anyone has to see things like this. If you want commentary, watch my videos in my post Pride Destroyed the Park.

If you want to help, say by lowering litter in your area, please contact me. Systemic change begins with personal transformation. My big goal in this area is for people to stop buying packaged food and doof, the source of most of this litter, so they stop manufacturing it.

(By the way, I’m pretty sure the guy next to the restaurant shed wrapped under the blanket was masturbating. I couldn’t tell for sure with a quick glance and I wasn’t going to stick around to observe his actions at length.)

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