How you benefit yourself by leading others

April 27, 2015 by Joshua
in Leadership

Ultimately leading effectively is about the people you are leading and the community you are serving. You develop skills with experience so you act effectively, but you focus on them and their interests, which you share or have complementary ones if you want to lead with authenticity and integrity.

Some people want authority to use others to get more for themselves without meeting those others’ interests. I call that “using” and “coercing,” not leading, though I know many don’t differentiate, which I think limits their ability to lead.

Only when you get past your desires do you fulfill them, knowing that you’ve served the purpose that first motivated you and you found others shared—the people you led and the community you served. If no one shares your desires, what’s the point in leading?

That’s why I consider that the greatest reward of leading others is the opportunity to lead again.

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