Bold, Striking Portraits by Azael Montejo Jr.

June 5, 2019 by Joshua
in Art, Creativity, Visualization

Sharp-eyed readers of my blog and social media will have noticed the new portraits I’ve switched to. Also my portrait in my new book Initiative.

A friend introduced me to Azael Montejo Jr — aka Ozzie — founder and CEO of Online Personal Training. Mostly we spoke about our lives and passions. At one point, he started describing a vision he saw from how I spoke about my work.

The next thing I knew, we arranged a shoot. He took care of the equipment, lighting, etc. He described how to move and brought out the expressions he envisioned and I just followed his direction.

He processed the images and here is the output.

If you’re looking for bold photographs with style and expression, and a fun process creating them, I recommend Ozzie.

Here’s Ozzie and his About page:

azael montejo jr

Azael Montejo Jr, known as Ozzie, founded Online Personal Training after working in the fitness industry for 20 years because he understands that results come with continued effort. 

Both in his previous life as a young athlete and his current professional career as a Elite New York Personal Trainer in Manhattan, he has seen, first hand, the incredible differences regular exercise, a healthier eating regime and a change in habits can make, both in body and mind.

Lack of time and motivation, most often, are the biggest limiting factors to people engaging in a healthier lifestyle. Lack of knowledge and an ineffective program hinders progress, too.

Online Personal Training addresses all these limitations to achieving your lifestyle goals.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, want a fitter body, or just want to have more energy, Online Personal Training will help you with your plan.

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