Book launch: The War on the EPA

February 8, 2020 by Joshua
in Nature

I wrote a blurb for The War on the EPA (on Amazon), launching next week, February 8.

If you’re looking to understand and act on the US federal government’s inaction, despite its one-time action, I recommend the book. It explains the EPA’s history, goals, and people.

I’ve spoken with author Bill Alley. He is deeply committed and cares about the agency’s mission, as well as our nation’s.

Few actions could help this nation and world more in the long run, I suggest, than establishing stewardship and responsibility as primary values and actions. Restoring the EPA can help.

You can read my blurb in this image or scroll down.

The War on the EPA assembles the government agency’s history, the toxic tragedies that prompted its creation, the people who made it work, and, sadly, thepeople who try to undermine and dismantle this protector of our air, land, and water. It presents a vital account beneath profit and material prosperity. What use are they if our skin breaks out in rashes, our water brings cancer, and our children are born malformed with lower IQs? This book is a timely resource to remedy our situation, more valuable now than ever.

— Joshua Spodek PhD MBA, host of the Leadership and the Environment podcast and author of Initiative

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