Sexism in magazine covers?

February 7, 2020 by Joshua
in psychologytoday, Visualization

People call for diversity and equality but where is the call for more men on the covers of Vogue or Elle? I don’t see one.

Vogue covers. See any men?
Elle covers. See any men?

Am I missing the call for equality? I hear it for representation on corporate boards, university departments, and STEM fields, but with these covers the ratio is 100:0.

Vanity Fair looks egalitarian with a few token men. Are we not worth picturing?

Vanity Fair covers. A few token men.

You could say women buy these magazines. But people call for sexual equality in places like the boy scouts, which apparently has at least one all-female troop.

More animals and smiley faces than men at Psychology Today

Even magazines that don’t cater to women do it. Psychology Today, which I write for and prompted me to write this post, features more animals and smiley faces than men.

Psychology Today covers feature more animals and smiley faces than men.

Why discriminate on the basis of sex?

How do people who want equality expect to gain it only act for it when it appears to benefit themselves?

Otherwise they look like they’re helping themselves under the guise of helping others. Maybe they are. If they aren’t, how can we tell? Maybe they are without realizing it.

Alternatively, if they consider discriminating by sex here, why not in other places?

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