“How to Break Rules and Succeed Like Kobe Bryant”

April 14, 2016 by Joshua
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My Inc.com piece today, “How to Break Rules and Succeed Like Kobe Bryant,” begins

How to Break Rules and Succeed Like Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant polarized and broke rules most of us can’t, yet earned admiration and support. Why can some people break rules, yet get support?

The LA Times called Kobe Bryant “the most polarizing figure in the history of L.A. sports.” He spoke out against his team. He publicly quarreled with his teammate. These are transgressions that could end many people’s career’s, no matter how talented.

Yet Kobe leaves the game admired and supported.

Why can he break so many rules, yet exit so admired?

As entrepreneurs and leaders, the answer matters. We work in spaces where rules aren’t as clear as in bureaucracies. We know we’ll transgress sometimes. Many of business’s most successful role models also broke rules in ways that created success.

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