Brief thoughts on the question/koan “who am I?”

November 18, 2022 by Joshua
in Awareness, SIDCHAs

Regular readers know one of my sidchas is meditating, which I’ve done for over a decade and regularly for years. I’ve posted about it lately.

I’ve used a few different techniques over the years. Sometimes I use koans. One is

Who am I?


What am I?

I also often examine consciousness, which is oddly both all of what we experience and slippery to get a hold of.

Asking who I am while exploring consciousness, independent of thoughts, emotions, memories, senses, and other contents of my mind leads to other questions I found curious enough to repeat here. I hope the subtle differences of meaning aren’t lost to readers.

They aren’t supposed to sound trippy, but reflective. They’re not meaningless or pointless questions. Each is distinct and, I suggest, worth meditating on, individually and in comparison.

Who is I?

What is I?

Where is I?

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