“Bucket list” means craving. You’ll never be satisfied with other places until you’re satisfied where you are.

October 31, 2021 by Joshua
in Nature, Perception

The travel industry fools most of us into thinking somewhere else is more beautiful than where we are. We live in a world of people sitting on beautiful beaches or other beautiful places, looking at pictures of other beaches thinking

that place must be better than here. After all I’m here looking there, so it must be better there.

If where you are doesn’t look beautiful, worth exploring a lifetime, or lacks novelty, or you think it won’t provide insight into the universe, or whatever you look for in a place you visit, I suggest the reason you don’t see it is what people have done to it. They paved it over. They covered the natural beauty. If you follow the industry’s lead, you risk repeating what ruined where you want to leave. If you repeat their actions, you’ll do to another place what others did to where you are.

If you think you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere where you are, could you? I’m not saying you won’t find adventure and more elsewhere. I’m saying you can also find it where you are.

How long could you go without releasing a ton of CO2 into our shared, already heated atmosphere?

If you created a bucket list for yourself, I recommend considering getting rid of it.

What are you afraid of missing?

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