The Business Building Rockstars Show with Nicole Holland: “Becoming Successful by Doing What You Love”

April 19, 2017 by Joshua
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Nicole Holland is a rock star. Creating the Business Building Rockstars Show would be enough. She also helped me set up and understand my online presence. So before writing about her and our interview, I have to recommend her for anyone working on podcasting or creating an online presence. She knows her stuff and delivers on time and under budget.

Listen to the interview!

Here’s Nicole, from her page, Interviews That Convert:

I’m Nicole Holland, host of the highly regarded podcast The Business Building Rockstars Show and proud to be named as one of 50 MUST-FOLLOW WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS IN 2017 in The Huffington Post alongside Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Dorie Clark, & many other female powerhouses.

After interviewing over 220 high-achievers I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes interview guests stand out – in both good and bad ways and how to consistently turn listeners into leads. I’m excited to bring my insider knowledge to you.

If you’re a busy CEO, author, or subject matter expert and want to spread your message and increase your brand recognition fast, let me help you.

You can’t afford to waste time on just any podcast. You need to get featured on the ones that YOUR ideal clients and customers are tuning in to.

I don’t often promote people, but she helped so much and went above and beyond so much, that I am happy to promote her. Again from her page, Interviews That Convert:

Why should you work with me?

Because to me you’ll always be a VIP.

I disagree with the notion that all exposure is good exposure and I sincerely care about getting you booked on the right podcasts and connecting you only with hosts and audiences that will absolutely adore you.

I will research, seek out, and pitch you only to the shows that are the right fit you, never to ones that just fill your calendar.

I will take both an interest in and responsibility for providing you with an unsurpassable experience.

Listen to the interview!

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