Can’t or Won’t Achieve Your Potential?

May 14, 2019 by Joshua
in Blog

Would you rather believe you can’t achieve something you haven’t but that others have, or that you chose not to?

I don’t know if there’s a right answer, but I find the question interesting.

If you aren’t as fit as you like, do you prefer believing that you couldn’t if you tried or that you chose not to try?

Have you not negotiated that raise or promotion because you can’t or won’t?

How about asking out that girl or guy?

Or starting your company?

Can’t or won’t?

Take athleticism or fitness. We can’t all be LeBron James but we can be more fit and athletic.

Man exercising
Man exercising

In my life, I specifically choose accessible health and fitness behaviors — that is, ones anyone can do. My goal is to enable people to achieve goals and live by values that most people share. I eat foods that cost little, are widely available, and cook quickly and easily. My exercise takes under 20% of the time the average American watches TV. I average spending around $1 per year on fitness equipment.

Yet people still imply I was born with skills or abilities they don’t, like discipline, or they say others don’t have the resources despite them having them.

I think their views imply they believe they can’t do some things.

Believing you can’t is enough for many not to try, but not succeeding when you don’t try doesn’t mean you can’t.

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