Cleaning up: moving “My Art” to separate page

September 20, 2011 by Joshua
in Art, Blog

Readers have commented that my posts on my art differ from the main thrust of this page: success through value, meaning, purpose, importance, emotional awareness, and emotional intelligence.

With the awesome new public art piece in Union Square, I expect many posts on my art soon. To clean this page, I created a new page — My Art — for all my art posts, separating it from the main page, with a link at the top.

I hope this change makes both facets of what I about more accessible. Please let me know otherwise.

Posts that apply to both categories — I quoted Martha Graham while installing the display Saturday, so that post comes to mind — should appear on both pages. This post should too.

For reference to anyone trying to create categories that look like pages, I followed the advice on this page, which is:

There is no single plug-in for the same but what I did is I used two altogether different plug-ins meant for different purpose :)
1) The first one is  page-links-to plugin and other one is
2) Opt-In Front Page Plugin

For those who still looking for some workaround:

  • Install the above two plug-ins.
  • Crete a new category with category slug as blog or news.
  • Add the above category to all the postings that you want to display on your front page
  • Create a different category for each of the pages you want to post articles. (Remember not to set slug as blog for these category)
  • Create different pages and set the link to URL as corresponding category url. Now when somebody will click on your page he would be redirected to corresponding category page!

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