Creating life … my first tomato!

August 19, 2016 by Joshua
in Nature

I forget it I’ve reported here about planting my first plants in my apartment, or rather repotting and watering the plants my sister gave me from her garden.

As food and diet have become more important to me for leadership, health, discipline, integrity and, most of all, delicious eating, I’m getting closer and closer to plants from the ground. Last summer’s trip to the farm where most of my produce comes from was a big step.

My sister gave me two small pots with some mint from her garden. Sadly, the mint in one pot died, but a tomato plant started growing. She says that happens a lot because tomato seeds survive the composting from her kitchen scraps. All summer the tomato plant has grown. It’s now about four feet tall. Here’s a picture of it. You’ll notice something missing you’d expect from a tomato plant in mid-August. No tomatoes.

tomato plant

It had flowered but not produced fruit. I learned that tomatoes need insects to pollinate them, which my apartment lacked. I kept watering the plant after the flowers dropped off, figuring I could keep learning from the process. I see this summer as the start of my gardening habit.

It lacked tomatoes, that is, until this morning, when I saw this:


A tomato!

Somehow a tomato started growing. After I read about the need for insects, I had started shaking the flowers each morning and trying to spread the pollen in their absence. Maybe that did it. However it happened, it looks like I’ll get at least one fruit this summer. The other pot’s mint has grown like crazy, which I chop and put in my cereal in the morning, so both pots of plants have worked out.

Next summer I’ll do more.

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2 responses on “Creating life … my first tomato!

  1. Great post, Josh and congrats on growing a tomato! Whether it is religious/existential experience to simply creating a time and place to see science and nature at work to being mindful of how life is beautiful (and tasty!), gardening connects us to Humanity of ancient times; you (as with all of us) are a descendant from those who first gardened and harvested food from the Earth.

    I am working on my 11th year of tending to my gardens. This year, I was able to harvest the burgamot, chocolate mint, raspberries (native and wild) along with the other herbs I have planted over the years in my spiral garden. I started indoors as you are (and kudos for solving how to pollinate the plants!) when outdoors was not an option. And like the work I am doing in your course on leadership, the garden is always a work in progress, moving toward something greater.

    Keep at it!

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