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August 18, 2016 by Joshua
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Michael Roderick is a superconnector—the type of person that gets written up and interviewed for his passion for connecting people and helping people make things happen. I owe several extremely productive relationships to him as well as close friendships.

I’ve learned that when he suggests a connection, it’s worth making. If I share with him what I’m looking for in life, a few days later I get an email from him connecting me to someone I can work with.

I have no business connection to his course, but I’ve learned enough from him to recommend learning from him. Last summer I literally drove all night from outside Pittsburgh to New York City to make sure I made one of his events and it was worth it.

Here’s the link to register for his course. I copied the text below for reference. I recommend going to his site.

How to Get Invited into The Room that can Change Your Life

What would change in your business if you were invited into a room filled with people who wrote for magazines like Forbes and Entrepreneur, invested in companies like Uber and Snapchat, and spoke on stages at SXSW and TED?

What if most of those people were motivated to help you in any way they could and not only introduced you to prospects who were a great fit for your business, but also to interview opportunities that put your content in front of decision makers in your industry?

Finally, what if that room was always open to you any time you needed advice, support, or referrals?

It sounds ridiculous right?

And yet, I’ve been in a room like that several times this week and will be visiting next week as well as often as I like.

And I don’t pay any money to be there.

But it wasn’t always that way.

There was a time that the only room I went to everyday was filled with 33 teenagers who were getting ready to cheat on vocabulary quizzes.

I was a high school English teacher with a love for the theatre making a modest living in New York City. I remember taking my students to go and see Broadway shows and being amazed at the size and the scope of the productions and thinking what it would be like to be involved in that world.

It seemed like a far off dream and yet, less than two years after seeing one of those shows, I found myself at the opening night of my first Broadway show sitting in the audience as….

A Broadway Producer

I know, it sounds crazy, but that’s what happened and I didn’t win the lottery or invent some new technology.

I just learned about the room.

Once I was in, the rest kind of took care of itself.
You might be wondering where this room is and what secret society you have to be a part of to be in it, but here’s the truth:

It’s not an actual room at all, it’s a spreadsheet on my computer.

The “Room” I’m referring to is the network that I’ve built around me.

You see, back when I was teaching, I didn’t realize that through all the interactions I was having I was slowly building this powerful asset that would eventually lead me to meetings with investors, entrepreneurs, and members of the press.

But there was still one thing missing in order to activate this network and truly create the room I described:

Becoming a Connector

In his book The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell describes connectors as “the kinds of people who know everyone. All of us know someone like this. But I don’t think that we spend a lot of time thinking about the importance of these kinds of people. I’m not even sure that most of us really believe that the kind of person who knows everyone really knows everyone. But they do”

After my experience on Broadway I became obsessed with the idea of connectors. So much so that I founded a conference on the topic and hosted workshops where I studied what made these people so effective in their craft and most importantly, what elements of these skills could be taught.

I quickly learned that there were a number of frameworks that when applied could accelerate the success of anyone who had an interest in this and that I could teach others how to build the kind of network I had.

If you’re reading this and want to learn how to create the room I’ve been talking about and truly unlock the relationship capital you’ve been collecting all these years, then I invite you to join me in:

The Connector’s Path

In The Connector’s Path you’ll learn:

· The four mental blocks responsible for keeping you from tapping into the true potential of your relationships, and how to confront them.

· A simple framework to evaluate every interaction you have so that you never take a meeting with someone who wastes your time again.

· A comprehensive management system for relationships that includes: technology to use so you never leave someone wondering if you got their email, one trick that can help you connect with 30 or more people in a week, and the one filter you need to know which relationships to tend to first.

· How to make introductions that people rave about even if you’ve never made an introduction before.

· One small tweak that you can make in how you educate others about your service that will super charge your referrals.

· The one additional step to “building a brand” that turns your content into thought leadership

· The exact framework around asking I used to secure investments, podcast and media interviews, and referrals to higher paying clients (Hint: It had nothing to do with “selling myself”)

The Structure: In this six week program you’ll receive a 90 minute online module each week, that you will have lifetime access to, to keep you on the path.

You also will receive every single upgrade of the course FOR LIFE. Meaning that no matter how many times we upgrade this course or add more features to it, you will get each and every item free of charge.

 In addition to your weekly module, you’ll also receive:

· Weekly assignments based on the content so that you can see the content in action in the real world

· A 30 minute live group Q&A with me each week so you can get your personal questions answered

· A weekly tool kit introducing you to templates, technology, and case studies of some of the best connectors out there.

· Access to an online slack group where you can meet your fellow connectors and help support one another.

Tuition: When I do this work one on one with clients, the fee is $2,000/month with a four month commitment ($8,000 total)

When this program officially launches, the tuition will be $1,997 for the full class.

The Good News: 
For a limited number of participants I am offering the pre-sale price of:


Enroll HEREThe class launches officially on September 19th 2016 and each module and materials will be released weekly.

The Bad News: 

The $750 spots are strictly limited and if you click too late, you’ll miss your chance to save over $1,000 
Enroll Now 

What others are saying:

“The training Michael has given me is some of the most valuable knowledge I’ve ever acquired. He clearly and concisely breaks down the very abstract idea of being a connector into highly effective and actionable implementations. His ability to apply his knowledge across a range of fields is incredibly unique and I would literally recommend him to anyone I ever met. Since working with Michael I’ve gone from struggling to find work to getting to pick between projects. Furthermore, the people that are now in my network advocating for me are some of the most successful in my field.”—-Bennett Johnson- Director

“Michael is a quiet shot of adrenalin for your career. Armed with patience and thoughtfulness he assessed the complexities of my business and helped me create strategy to build relationships that would lead to real professional growth. Most importantly, he coached me to identify the hidden individuals in my circle that yielded true value. The results of which doubled the amount of work. The first half of 2015 I booked three jobs and by the second half I won six jobs in six months. As I look ahead into 2016 I possess a renewed sense of confidence as a freelancer and artist.” – Corydon Wagner- Commercial Director

Michael taught me a key rule of developing business relationships: authenticity first and last. Soon after starting my consultancy, I hit a wall with outreach that was going nowhere, and Michael’s strategic advice recalibrated my approach to building relationships. His deft analysis, coupled with smart suggestions for change, resulted in a range of approaches that not only work well but also help me stay true to my content and myself. I’m getting a much higher rate of response as well as building client relationships with the long view in mind
Dabney Hailey Hailey Consulting Group

I can honestly say that if it weren’t for being in that room, I would not be where I am today. 

This is why I’m so excited to give you the opportunity to start a room of your own and unlock the power of your network.

 I look forward to seeing you on the Connector’s Path.

Enroll Now!

P.S.- I truly believe that the keys to all of the doors you need open are in other people’s pockets. 

Let’s get you those keys! 

 Enroll Today!

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