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March 30, 2011 by Joshua
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I’ve written about mindmaps recently and my upcoming creativity talk on April 10.

I thought I’d share the draft mindmap I’ve prepared so far for the talk. Freemind lets me export to a flash-based mindmap that you can navigate. You can’t edit it or see how I edit it to see how fun, useful, and effective it is, but you can see the output.

It’s an incomplete draft — too long for a twenty minute talk, but at least illustrates mindmaps. To navigate

  • use arrow keys or click white space and drag to move the map
  • click the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ icon at the top to resize the map
  • click the “fit” icon at the top (to the right of the ‘-‘) to fit the visible part of the mindmap in the space available
  • click nodes  in the mindmap to show or hide nodes beneath them — dragging, resizing, or re-fitting as necessary afterward

[freemind height=’500px’ width=’600px’]/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/[/freemind]

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