Another delicious reason to do Community Supported Agriculture / Farm Shares

October 10, 2017 by Joshua
in Nature

I realized another delicious reason to join a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which means a deal where you pay a farm a flat annual fee in return for a delivery each week of that week’s produce.

I’ve written about the structure before and my CSA’s farm, Stoneledge Farm. Visiting it is one of my summers’ highlights.

The benefit

The farm succeeds when more people want to subscribe. Most people resubscribe. People resubscribe when the food is delicious, fresh, and varied, motivating the farmers to grow food that’s

  • Delicious,
  • Fresh, and
  • varied.

Farms whose produce sells in supermarkets don’t have that incentive. They’re motivated to grow food that

  • Can stand shipping,
  • Looks colorful, and
  • Lasts longer on shelves.

CSA produce, in my experience, tastes better than what’s at the market. It may not last as long on the shelf, but I pick it up within 24 hours of them picking it and eat it shortly after. There’s no need for it to last or look special.

Stoneledge Farm has been a CSA for 20 years. That means that for 20 years they’ve grown food to be delicious, fresh, and varied. I’ve met the farmers several times at the farm. I can tell they care.

They produce the most delicious produce I’ve eaten, such as these cherry tomatoes.

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