I don’t swim much, but when I do, it’s a mile in open water

March 15, 2016 by Joshua
in Exercises, Freedom, Tips

On vacation over the winter, I found myself swimming in a pool. I realized I don’t swim much. As best I remember, it was the second or third time I swam since swimming across the Hudson River in 2008, pictured at the top of this page. I took a few surfing lessons in the meantime. I don’t know if I should count when I have something that floats with me. I’m sure I forgot a few other times.

I’d never swum in open water before then, which is harder than in a pool since the waves get in your mouth and the current takes you directions you didn’t expect faster than you’d think.

I mention the infrequency of my swimming to underscore the accessibility of life-level or life-changing activities and challenges. They are all around us if we look for them, from meeting high-status or valuable people beyond what we thought we could meet, to physical feats beyond what we thought we could do, to whatever you consider important and would challenge you beyond what you thought possible.

You don’t have to jump out of planes or off cliffs. You don’t need anyone else. You don’t have to take risks like I did. You don’t have to spend money. You don’t have to prepare that much.

You do have to look at the world differently. And you have to act.

What’s your Hudson River?

How and when will you cross it?

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