Double standards

February 9, 2019 by Joshua
in Awareness, Nonjudgment

Gender symbols

When more men are in congress, STEM fields, and corporate board rooms, it’s “Women can do what men can. Something must be holding them back.”

When more men commit crimes, it’s “Men are more violent, they’re just that way.”

When more men occupy leadership roles in acting on the environment, it’s “The environmental movement has a problem recruiting women.”

When more men are in jail, it’s “There are still too many women in jail.”

When more men are entrepreneurs, it’s “We need to create programs to give women skills and opportunities.”

When it’s about taking risks being vulnerable initiating relationships, it’s “Men are hunters. You [women] shouldn’t take that away from from. Let them initiate.”

When it’s about abortion, it’s “Can you name a law that forces men to do something with their bodies whether they want to or not?”

When you say, “Yes, the draft,” they say, “women serve in the military too.”

The draft isn’t can serve. It’s must serve under penalty of the law. Even when the draft isn’t on, it’s must register with Selective Service, which affects men’s financial aid, ability to get loans, and more

When women suffer, empathy and hashtag movements abound.

When men suffer, it’s a joke (prison rape), expected of us, ignored, or the like. Most people are blind to it and confuse its mere mention with calling attention from women’s suffering, as if it was a competition.

When Trump gets elected, it’s “Men are defensive and insecure. Their voting is messing it up for everyone.”

When majorities of segments of women voted for him, it’s “They don’t count.”

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