Eight billion people behaving unsustainably will never become sustainable.

May 23, 2023 by Joshua
in Nature

Do you know anyone living sustainably? I don’t. A few hundred thousand, maybe a few million, in indigenous cultures may still be living sustainably, as nearly everyone did before a couple centuries ago or so. They’re a rounding error, sadly.


You can say individual action doesn’t matter, but 1) it does and 2) all of us have to start living sustainably. Why do people think everyone can live unsustainably and magically collectively they’ll be sustainable? If we can’t live sustainably, how do people not realize it will lead to population collapsing to below Earth’s carrying capacity, which is 2 or 3 billion?

You can’t combine 8 billion people living unsustainably into collective sustainability. All of us have to live sustainably, not you fly around and take taxis when you feel like it and someone else lives extra sustainably for you.

Adding fusion, solar, and wind doesn’t change it.

You have to live sustainably. What no one tells you because they haven’t experienced it is that you’ll prefer the change. You’ll wish you had changed earlier.

We all have to live sustainably—that is, if we want to avoid our population collapsing by billions of people the suffering that will come with it. Will civilization make it? We can’t say, but why push it just so you can drive a big car?


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