Love and marriage don’t cause pollution. Stop using them as excuses.

May 22, 2023 by Joshua
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How many times have I heard about polluting and depleting less, “You can do those things because you’re single.”?

I know when people rationalize and justify their inaction, say by saying it’s easier for me or particularly harder for them, they aren’t speaking rationally. They’re protecting their vulnerabilities, suppressing and denying that they are hurting others, acting against their deepest values. Still, it seems worth it to list a few challenges of acting alone. Acting alone means

  • No economies of scale
  • No division of labor
  • No person to support you
  • I have to do everything: all the shopping, cleaning, and cooking
  • I can’t leave food out when it’s hot and things go bad quickly, so am limited in what I can cook
  • Have to work through injuries

If you think your marriage or relationship does force you to pollute, you’re using it as a crutch, perpetuating cruelty. You’re also lowering your self awareness.

Humans lived without polluting or depleting for 300,000 years and thrived. If you thought being single made my actions easier, I suspect you felt inadequate, guilty, or shameful and tried to cover up these uncomfortable emotions. It shows your values.

As Lincoln said,

“Nothing is more damaging to you than to do something you believe is wrong.”

Stop doing what you believe is wrong and covering up your damage.

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