Exhaustion glory

October 4, 2019 by Joshua
in Fitness, SIDCHAs

The other day, just walking down the street I felt super tired, like I got hit by a truck.

Then I remembered that I lifted that morning and I had lifted more than ever before in my life. No wonder I felt exhausted. I had noticed I was lifting more than before that morning, but it slipped my mind when I went out for the day.


I don’t lift heavy weights compared to people who seriously lift, only that the longer I keep lifting, the longer I increase the weights I lift. I’ve lifted regularly for a few years and I’ve reached higher weights than ever.

I’m not complaining about feeling out of energy for the rest of the day. On the contrary, I found the word to describe working hard whether or not anyone else knows and there’s no penalty for giving up: glory.

I may have lifted more in college, but I focused on playing ultimate then, not lifting, so I didn’t keep track.

Oh yeah, I feel similarly after some of my challenging rowing days, especially when I row Tabatas or other intense intervals. I consistently perform personal bests on them. Again, I’m not performing near the peak of human potential, just continually improving. And, man, do I exhaust myself rowing and lifting.

As a side note, I also notice that my jeans that fit comfortably when I bought them are too tight in thighs. Again, I’m skinny, not muscular, but the discomfort feels great. I’ll take that discomfort over my muscles atrophying any day.

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