The Fast Leader podcast’s Jim Rembach interview of me

April 12, 2017 by Joshua
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Jim Rembach hosts the Fast Leader podcast. Today he posted his interview of me.

Jim is friendly, thoughtful, and clearly understood my book and background enough to start with a simple, comprehensive summary of my background. He asked questions that got me to reveal about the book. how I teach, and what you can learn.

You’ll get to learn how Jim’s subtitle for the interview, “I had to force my friends to read it,” was a turning point for me as a teacher and writer.

This is an interview worth listening to, as is Jim’s podcast in general.

The Fast Leader Joshua Spodek interview by Jim Rembach

The Fast Leader Joshua Spodek interview by Jim Rembach

About Jim and the podcast from its about page:

Jim Rembach

Let me start by saying, “I do not know it all.”

But what I do know is that the studies I read about and what I am experiencing in my life is frustrating. I read about how there is a crisis of leadership and that more than 80% of leadership programs fail. I see gridlock in government and companies destroying people and the environment and using their money and power to avoid responsibility.

I see how people fail to see their impact on others and how they sabotage their chances to get ahead by doing the wrong thing or refusing to do the right thing.

Yes, and that goes for me as well.

I see that things need to change and that I don’t want to be a complainer sitting on the side lines.

I love to help people. It is one of the things that fuels my soul. Unfortunately, it has taken me half of my lifetime to really figure out some things. I also think I have a little bit more clarity around the concept of midlife crisis. For me it’s been more of an epiphany on many things and learning more about myself.

I want to be an enabler. And I want to help attack this leadership crisis through the Fast Leader Show.

But I also like to have fun. Some may say I had a little bit of fun naming the show because fast leader isn’t about pushing and doing things quickly. Because when I see the people who are leading well in getting things done in their life and careers they don’t push things they just do the right things.

And I also like using the word fast because I don’t have a lot of time to waste. For one, I only have half of a lifetime left. And secondly I’m pretty darn impatient.

So our guests on the Fast Leader show are here to help us do things right so that we don’t have to take a lifetime trying to figure them out and be insane by repeating the same mistakes over and again.

Ending this leadership crisis starts with me.

Come join me; and while are doing it let’s  have some fun with the Hump Day Hoedown.


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