Do you fly to experience the beauty of nature and untouched places and cultures?

September 20, 2018 by Joshua
in Awareness, Nature

Do you consider it a moral or ethical issue that water flows downhill?

Probably not.

Do I sound like I’m trying to make you feel guilty if I say that it rains sometimes?

Again, probably not.aviation airplane pollution

In the same spirit of speaking non-morally and non-ethically, but simply stating the obvious, when you fly to experience nature, solitude, or remote, untouched cultures what you see, you’re helping destroy.

I’m not saying anything about good, bad, right, or wrong, nor guilt or blame.

I’m saying nothing more controversial or disputable than water goes downhill.

You may not like how much flying pollutes or that your choice to fly is voluntary, but just as gravity and rain exist even if you’d prefer to fly or enjoy more sun, you pollute when you fly. If you fly to enjoy nature, you’re helping destroy what you enjoy.

How you respond

Many people still feel guilty and assign the cause to something external to themselves, such as the information.

I suggest what causes the feelings doesn’t come from outside you, nor the information, but with how you respond to the information. Once you know doing something causes a result you don’t like, do you choose to keep doing it or do you live by your value?

What responsibility do you take for your actions and how they affect others?

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