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February 10, 2017 by Joshua
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Cheryl Conner at Forbes wrote, “Three Entrepreneurs Share How They Took Their Public Relations Strategy To A New Level,” which covered me. Lord knows I’m in the middle of public relations!

Anyone who has seen me in person this year has heard me say “I can’t believe how much work goes into launching a book.”

I’m the third of three entrepreneurs profiled in the story. The part about me begins

Joshua Spodek is a New York City-based executive coach and academic (he’s an adjunct professor for NYU) who is passionate about transformative leadership, creativity, strategy and motivation. His problem: A great book that nobody knew about. “I signed my contract with a publisher [the American Management Association] almost exactly a year ago to write my book, Leadership Step by Step,” Spodek said. “When I finished, I faced what many successful authors had told me, but I hadn’t felt in my gut until then: No matter how good my book is, it won’t matter if people don’t know it exists.”

Spodek was confident about the book’s quality. “It teaches people to lead,” he said. “It’s not about leadership, like nearly every other book on the subject–it’s about how to lead. It’s the difference between a book on music theory and one that provides the exercises you need to learn to play the piano. My book is like musical scales for leadership.”

Read the rest at Three Entrepreneurs Share How They Took Their Public Relations Strategy To A New Level, which covers hustle, resolve, results, and more. It points out how much more I’ve learned and grown since starting to market that I didn’t when I only wrote in my blog without trying to connect with my readers.

Marketing is more than promotion. Marketing is two-way communication. I was only doing it in one direction when only writing on my blog.

You already know about Forbes. About Cheryl Conner:

I am an entrepreneur and communications expert from Salt Lake City and founder of SnappConner PR. I am the author of Beyond PR: Communicate Like A Champ In The Digital Age, available on Amazon. I am co-creator of Content University, which helps entrepreneurs and executives learn to write and to tell their stories better, and how to use their strong thought leadership content to advance their companies. Content University is available at The opinions I express (especially when tongue in cheek) are entirely my own. My newsletter, the Snappington Post, is available from

Thanks also to Bhupinder Nayyar, cofounder and COO of publishing site Bameslog, for creating the connection.

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