If you have to force something you think others will like, rethink it. You can probably do it easier.

September 3, 2014 by Joshua
in Awareness, Tips

Sometimes I find myself having to push hard on a project that seems like it would benefit everyone, but it doesn’t happen. My hard work goes nowhere.

I’ve learned that if I have to push hard on something I think people would like, I’m probably looking at it ineffectively. Usually, I realize I’m trying to get people to see things my way when there are other ways of looking at it. Like I’m pitching myself or my project instead of understanding their interests, needs, or concerns and letting what I’m pitching emerge as a possible solution.

When I see that pattern, I’ve learned to step back, pause, and think about it differently. The pause may be a few seconds, a day, or longer, depending on how long it takes my mind to find other perspectives. The different perspective doesn’t necessarily present itself easily. I only know that experience has shown that pushing more after pushing a while doesn’t help and that if I think others will benefit from it, it should be easy, leading me to expect a more productive perspective.

My greatest non-solo accomplishments have come from teams working together, not from my pushing against resistance.

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