Forget what you have. What can you create?

February 23, 2012 by Joshua
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Think of what you want in life — from work, play, relationships, etc. Now think of what you already have in those areas. Many people evaluate their lives by what they have.

Great. What you have doesn’t tell you as much as what you can create.

What you have describes the culmination of a past you can’t change. The ingredients to create — usually skills more than material possessions — describes your future and suggests how to live now.

More important questions for improving your life is do you have the ingredients to create what you want and how do you get them. Since no one will create your future or live your present for you, only you can take responsibility for creating what you want.

If you create something, people will usually help you. They do so mostly because when you live by your values, you will attract people who like what you do and repel people who don’t, which improves your life.

Many people also don’t know what they want or aren’t willing to live by their values. They often find it easier to follow someone else’s dreams, like yours, than live without any dreams at all.

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