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February 12, 2008 by Joshua
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[In response to some alumni on the Entrepreneurs’ mailing list complaining the school wasn’t helping alumni enough, proposing a “nuclear option” of talking to the press about it.]

If anyone thinks “we have little to lose” and that the “greatest risk is that nothing will happen anyway” of a process called a nuclear option, they should sit down and think more. If you prepare for war, you’ll get it. War means loss of control (to the press, who promotes conflict), factions form, people get hurt, conflict escalates, nobody wins.

I wasn’t going to participate, but people are pushing increasingly extreme viewpoints. I am concerned one or two people may decide for everyone they’ll take the matter into their hands and complain to the press. Bad idea.

Honestly, I’ve never seen entrepreneurs complain so much in the face of so much demand. The tone of the discussion is like a bunch of people feeling entitled asking for a government handout. Instead of making things better they complain and organize a protest. Demand is supposed to mean opportunity.


You want a great headline? How about this: “Columbia’s B-School Alumni organized the best alumni network and helped catapult their school to the top of the rankings.” Just do it! Meet the demand. Organize. BE PRODUCTIVE!

If Columbia’s alumni are to be the best it will be because WE ACT the best. Not because we complain the most. Get the ball rolling and the school will fall in line. Others will help you. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to work with all the complainers, either. I’d want to work with people who get the job done. If the school gets in your way, succeed anyway.

In the meantime, let’s create a mailing list It may get more mail than, but we’ll get more done and we’ll help the school more.

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