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115: Sandy Reisky, part 2: A Superbowl Ad to reduce consumption


First, watch the video Sandy made through Generation 180, the nonprofit he started to promote reducing consumption. His for-profit companies are already responsible for significant increases in solar, wind, and other renewable. I think you'll find the video effective in reaching people in ways the environmental movement have neglected, but work. It presents a new way of looking at renewables: freedom, independence, and creating jobs, coming from an actual veteran experienced in energy. The video I'm pleased to announce that the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation tweeted Sandy's last conversation, leading to a big surge in its downloads. Our second conversation covers the origin of video and his vision driving it. Note that reducing consumption achieves more than providing more energy, hence Generation 180 and my focus. Sandy's challenge of reducing his meat consumption is yet another case of someone finding it easier than expected and rewarding---something he wants to continue. Listen for yourself, but to me he sounded happy, laughing, sharing with family. If you're waiting to start your challenge, I hope you'll feel inspired. Read the transcript.

028: Sandy Reisky, Conversation 1: Providing 10% of America’s New Wind Power


Many people excuse themselves from acting on the environment with the complaint "but acting on the environment will distract me from getting ahead." There is national and global demand for environmental leadership. How they miss that opportunity to advance at any level if they act, I don't know. Maybe fear? I think they're expressing a lack of imagination. Most of these people who think they are choosing leadership are actually following traditional paths set by others' values also known as the rat race. Today's guest shows what opportunity you can create for yourself. With no industry experience, connections, or money, Sandy Reisky followed the huge demand he saw for renewable energy production. Without relevant background he just attended industry events, learned, connected, and planned. The results? How about starting a company from scratch in 2009 that now builds about 10% of Americas new wind energy installations (on average over the past three years). Listen for his story and to learn where he sees new opportunities with demand for leadership. If you want to lead in the environment (or anywhere), Sandy is one of the most accomplished people to learn from. You don't have to start billion-dollar companies or supply national-level power to make a difference, but the opportunities are there at every level. If you don't know where to start, you can start by volunteering with Generation 180. And I recommend watching Generation 180's one-minute video "The New Face of Energy", which I consider the future of environmental leadership. Then watch Sandy's presentation on Generation 180's core mission---to spread the idea that energy awareness is an idea whose time has come. Read the transcript.

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