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706: What I sound like talking sustainability when I forgot I was being recorded


You've heard me talk sustainability leadership on this podcast and probably others. Have you wondered what I sound like talking to friends unrecorded? A friend who also teaches leadership at NYU knew my background and had talked about climate with her students. She scheduled a call to talk sustainability leadership with me to help prepare. She told me she would record it, but since we were talking on the phone and I wasn't using my recording microphone, I forgot. I felt like I was just talking to a friend. I'm posting that recording: what I sound like when I haven't prepared and don't know I'm being recorded. In this case, I'm talking with someone I know who wanted to talk about sustainability, so it's not out of the blue with a stranger, but unrehearsed and raw.

689: Workshop results: Can Learning to Lead Sustainability be fun, inspiring, and effective? Yes!


Can Learning to Lead Sustainability be fun, inspiring, and effective? Yes! I just finished leading my first workshop in leading oneself and others effectively to act more sustainably: enduring systemic change and immediate personal change. Best of all: it was FUN! . . . both the workshop and the action it led to. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to the participants results. Today's post is the audio from a conversation with them on their experiences. Better yet, watch the video. You can learn to help change culture and restore a safe, clean, healthy world. We're organizing two summer 2023 cohorts. If you want to help fix our world, sign up at https://spodekleadership.com/workshop

687: Should We Amend the Constitution for the Environment?: A constitutional scholar (Michael Herz) and American abolition historian (James Oakes)


See the video for this episode here. I speak about the concept of a constitutional amendment on the environment with former guests on this podcast: Michael Herz: Constitutional scholar and former lawyer for the Environmental Defense Fund (Michael's podcast episodes and bio) James Oakes: US historian, focusing on the Revolutionary War to Reconstruction (James's podcast episodes and bio) We approach the concept from many perspectives, especially comparing it with the Thirteenth Amendment. This is my first conversation with two experts on a topic I'm just starting to learn about based on very detailed fields, including law, history, abolitionism, and politics. I have to start somewhere. We recorded this conversation months ago and I've learned tremendously since.

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