How Much Space You Take Up Is Irrelevant

June 29, 2021 by Joshua
in Nature, Visualization

“Everyone could fit in Texas with room to spare,” people naively say, as if it was the relevant measure. Sadly, some who hear them don’t realize that a person needs a lot more space than just their person. They need farmland to grow their food, water to process their waste, and so on. When you factor all those things in, we need more space than exists on Earth.

One big need is for animals we eat. Look at how much more animals we use and therefore take up space with than before. We dominate the Earth. Factor in again that your use of animals almost certainly relied on factory farming, which, besides its cruelty, further erodes Earth’s ability to sustain life.

So don’t listen to someone who says we have plenty of space therefore population doesn’t matter.

Do you tailgate?

Think of how much space you take up on a highway. Your car takes up more space than you do, by a lot. The space between cars is greater still, and the faster you move, the more space you take up.

Well, if all you care about is how much space a person takes up, why not tailgate at seventy miles per hour? Think of how much space there is! With an inch between bumpers, congestion would be a thing of the past. Why not invite people to tailgate you? Put on a bumper sticker “Please tailgate, there’s plenty of space.”

Oh wait, that’s unsafe. You’d never do it. Your physical space and size doesn’t determine how much space you need. Let’s not do to Earth what this woman did:

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