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July 18, 2016 by Joshua
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Once no multi-celled life existed. Each single-celled life lived autonomously. I don’t know how multi-celled life evolved, but it did and the cells in your body with your DNA have little autonomy. Your liver cells do what liver cells do and live in your liver. Your heart cells do heart cell things and that’s it. Your nervous system has some decision-making and control, but they have little autonomy either. The body regulates cells’ behavior through electrical and chemical signals.

Single-celled life still exists. In multi-celled life, cells have evolved to follow specific patterns to help the body live and reproduce.

People used to live mostly autonomously. We live less autonomously all the time as our organizations develop more effective ways to control us.

The trend I see is that human organizations are growing in a similar pattern to multi-celled life and that they are evolving ways for people to serve them. I’m not saying we’ll be miserable or feel controlled, just that we’ll follow more patterns set by how large organizations evolve. We’ll become more and more like cells in a body. We may love the roles we get, which would probably make us function more effectively.

I don’t know what to make of the prediction. I’m just sharing an observation and extrapolation.

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