I don’t know how people can eat at restaurants and not get fat. I couldn’t.

April 4, 2024 by Joshua
in Doof, Fitness

I eat at restaurants less and less the more I avoid doof. They’re similar.

Sometimes social obligations lead to me to join groups at restaurants. I don’t mind not eating. One of my greatest discoveries in avoiding packaged food was my first two- and three-day fasts. I used to think there was danger in skipping a meal or two. Then I skipped nine meals in a row with no problem. I can just eat when I get home.

I consider vegetables the most important part of a meal. Restaurants put a fraction the amount of vegetables I eat in a meal. They also cover them with salt, sugar, and fat. I think they think, “We included something healthy. Now we have to make it taste good,” whereas I like the vegetables themselves. Plus they put more rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, and other filler I don’t want.

Recently at lunch with family I ordered a pesto dish the restaurant made vegan. Not expecting vegetables on a pesto dish, I figured I wouldn’t be disappointed. I didn’t know how they’d substitute for cheese. Somehow they made it a creamy pesto, which to me seems opposite the point of pesto. Do Italians make creamy pestos in Italy?

Like many vegan things on menus, I doubt they made it. I think they assembled parts manufactured in factories, like vegan cheese or on other dishes fake meats and so on.

I haven’t had anything creamy in a while. Putting it in my mouth, it felt like the manufacturers had found a bliss point. I didn’t like it, but it was hard not to keep eating it. It was the most disgusting thing I’d eaten in a while, likely far more caloric than anything I made at home.

I don’t understand how anyone could eat regularly at restaurants and not get fat. If you eat at restaurants and haven’t gotten fat, I tip my hat in appreciation. I couldn’t do it. Maybe other restaurants are healthier, but this one seemed average in many other aspects. If I ate food like that a few times a week, I don’t see how I couldn’t put on fat.

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