I last flew today in 2016. Starting year 7 free from most people’s greatest way of hurting innocent people.

March 23, 2023 by Joshua
in Freedom, Habits, Nature

I love traveling, exchanging culture, visiting family, and exploring nature, which is why I will never fly again. It destroys all those things.

In flying as with any addiction, people addicted experience the addiction as warm, supportive, loving, like family. You tell me what you fear losing when ending an addiction and I’ll tell you exactly what you’ll gain more of.

When you stop flying, you’ll experience more traveling, exchanging culture, visiting family, and exploring nature. If you still fly, what I said will sound like telling a heroin addict that stopping taking heroin with bring my euphoria, love, and meaning. They won’t believe you just like you likely won’t believe me, but you know they’ll prefer life without the addiction.

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