I’m not in great shape. I just spent nearly no time or money reaching the shape I want.

December 4, 2020 by Joshua
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It occurred to me why I do so much calisthenics based on burpees, bodyweight exercises, and exercises that need nearly no equipment.

It’s not to get in great shape. I’m not in great shape. I’m maybe average healthiness compared to all humans ever. I may be healthier than the average American, but Americans deviate from hundreds of thousands of years of ancestors that hunted and gathered food, not had doof delivered.

Why burpees and calisthenics?

I exercise with minimal to zero equipment, cost, spotters, trainers, risk of injury, dependence on weather or time, etc because they are accessible. Anyone can do what I do.

I couldn’t do what I do now when I started. We all have to start with what we can. Even someone with no arms or legs, or with injuries, etc can start with something and build.

I don’t belong to a gym because not everyone can afford one. I can’t. I have to work to pay rent and buy food. I don’t buy expensive equipment or clothes for the same reason. I exercise efficiently because not everyone has time. I don’t. I spend less time and money on fitness than most do on doof, television, alcohol, or other things that decrease their health and distract from improving their lives, unless they value those things more than their health.

This is me being cheap, saving money by not buying Netflix, alcohol, etc:

Joshua Spodek rowing

I still own my rowing machine. I bought it before these considerations of accessibility kicked in. At $500 used from Craig’s List, I can see how some people could never put together that amount—probably not reading these words—but it will last a lifetime. It could serve dozens of people, so if people pooled to buy it together, none would need $500 alone. The kettlebells were cheaper, also used from Craig’s List, and will last longer than me.

If someone chooses to spend more time and money on TV, I presume they value TV more than fitness. Great, they’re living the best life they can by choosing to live by their values. They value The Crown. I value my fitness and saving money. As for food, I spend less than average, as I wrote recently.

Why I tell people about burpees

Doing calisthenics is one thing. Talking about them is another. Why talk about them?

My goal is accessibility and helping people overcome hurdles—or better, seeing the hurdles don’t exist. Too many people want to make money off of people wanting health so they pretend health and fitness cost time and money.

I tell people about all these exercises and food that cost little or save time and money to show them how accessible fitness is. Anyone reading these words can reach the level of fitness they want.

They may watch less Queen’s Gambit, but they’ll appreciate the results if they value fitness over TV. If they value TV, alcohol, etc over fitness costing nothing, then at least they can sleep soundly knowing they are living their values, not deprived of something from lack of resources or access.

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