How do I improve my storytelling?

August 22, 2017 by Joshua
in Art, Creativity, Stories, Tips

My response to the question “How do I improve my storytelling?” on a forum got upvoted a lot:

Practice, practice, practice.

The best advice in the world only works in the context of practice.

Practicing makes advice meaningful.

Practice and then practice more. Then practice more.

Get feedback. Seek advice. Iterate. But practice.

Name anyone who mastered a performance art who didn’t practice more than most. Even if you can, I can name a hundred who did.

Practice, practice, practice.

Find audiences you can practice with and practice with them. Until then, practice by yourself, in front of a wall if that’s what you have. Use a mirror or a camera. Practice. The more you practice, the more audiences you’ll find.

Then practice more.

I hope regular readers expected my answer, since it applies to all performance-based activities. The route to improving is in your hands.

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